Another note I’m really leaving for myself. I’ve migrated my dotfiles project to use Chef, both installing and configuring my commonly used applications. One which is annoying is VirtualBox. 2 problems really. The first is that the VirtualBox Ubuntu repository can be super slow. For now I’m living with that.

The second is that I need to install the extension pack for good USB support. This is tricky because the download is version specific and in my chef recipe I always install the latest version. Also I had to dig around a bit to discover how to install without a GUI.

Anyway, problem solved and I figured I’d share this handy script that


set -e

version=$(VBoxManage --version)
IFS='r' read -a versions <<< "${version}"
wget -O ${extpack} ${extpack_url}/${extpack}
wget -O - ${shasums_url}/SHA256SUMS | grep ${extpack} | sha256sum -c
VBoxManage extpack install --replace ${extpack}

Enjoy! ;)

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